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Dimitri Bertsekas


McAfee Professor of Engineering
National Technical University of Athens, Greece, combined BSEE and BSME, 1965
George Washington University, MSEE, 1969
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD, Electrical Engineering, 1971

Biographical Overview

Dr. Bertsekas has been a faculty member at MIT since 1979. He has also held faculty positions at Stanford University and in the electrical engineering department at the University of Illinois, Urbana. His research spans several fields, including optimization, control, large-scale computation, and data communication networks, and is closely tied to his teaching and publishing activities. He has written numerous research papers and fourteen books, several of which are used as textbooks in MIT classes.

Research Areas

  • Large-scale Optimization
  • Nonlinear Optimization and Convex Analysis
  • Dynamic Programming and Stochastic Control
  • Parallel and Distributed Algorithms

Selected Publications

Dynamic Programming and Optimal Control, Vols. I and II, 2007
Convex Analysis and Optimization, 2003
Introduction to Probability, Athena Scientific, 2002; 2nd Edition, 2008
Nonlinear Programming, 1999
Network Optimization: Continuous and Discrete Models, 1998

D. P. Bertsekas and H. Yu, “Projected Equation Methods for Approximate Solution of Large Linear Systems,” 2008, to appear in Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics.

D. P. Bertsekas, “Extended Monotropic Programming and Duality,” JOTA, 2008, vol. 139, pp. 209-225.

D. P. Bertsekas, “Dynamic Programming and Suboptimal Control: A Survey from ADP to MPC,” in, European Journal of Control: Fundamental Issues in Control, vol. 11, nos. 4-5, 2005; from 2005 EDC-CDC Conference, Seville, Spain.

D. P. Bertsekas, and P. Tseng, “Set Intersection Theorems and Existence of Optimal Solutions,” Lab for Information and Decision Systems Report 2628, MIT, Nov. 2004; rev. August 2005; Math. Programming J., vol. 110, 2007, pp. 287-314.

D. P. Bertsekas, A. E. Ozdaglar, and P. Tseng, “Enhanced Fritz John Conditions for Convex Programming,” Lab for Information and Decision Systems Report 2631, MIT, July 2004; SIAM Journal on Optimization, vol. 16, 2006, p. 766.

Dimitri Bertsekas

77 Massachusetts Ave.,
Cambridge, MA 02139
617-253-7267 ph
617-253-3578 fax