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Patrick Jaillet

Dugald C. Jackson Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

ENTPE, France, Diplôme d’Ingénieur, 1981
MIT, MSc, Transportation, 1982
MIT, PhD, Operations Research, 1985.

Biographical Overview

Following his graduate studies at MIT in 1985, Patrick Jaillet held successive positions as a tenured faculty in applied mathematics at the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (ENPC) in Paris from 1985 to 1991, and as a professor in management science at the University of Texas at Austin from 1991 to 2002. He came back to MIT as professor and head of civil and environmental engineering in 2002, joined LIDS and EECS in September 2009, and became the Dugald C. Jackson Professor in July 2010.

Prior to becoming head of civil and environmental engineering at MIT in 2002, Professor Jaillet was chair of the department of management science and information systems at University of Texas at Austin, where he also co-founded and was the first director of the Center for Computational Finance. He is a member of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS), and served as Associate Editor for the INFORMS journal Operations Research from 1994 until 2005. He is also an Associate Editor for the scholarly journals Networks, Transportation Science, and Naval Research Logistics. He was recognized as a Fulbright Scholar in 1990.

Research Areas

  • Online Optimization; Real-time and Dynamic Optimization
  • Networks
  • Probabilistic Combinatorial Optimization Problems
  • Financial Engineering

Selected Publications

Online Optimization, Springer’s International Series in Operations Research and Management Science, 300+pages, under completion, 2011 (with M. Wagner)

Jaillet, P. and M. Wagner, “Online Vehicle Routing Problems: A Survey,” in The Vehicle Routing Problem: Latest Advances and New Challenges, B. Golden, S. Raghavan, and E. Wasil (eds.), Springer Verlag, 2008

Figliozzi, M., H. Mahmassani and P. Jaillet, “Repeated Auction Games and Learning Dynamics in Electronic Logistics Marketplace: Complexity, Bounded Rationality, and Regulation through Information,” in Potentials of Complexity Science for Business, Governments and the Media, Dirk Helbing (ed.), Springer Verlag, 2008

Jaillet, P. and X. Lu. "Online Traveling Salesman Problems with Service Flexibility". To appear in Networks (2011)

Jaillet, P. and M. Wagner. "Almost Sure Asymptotic Optimality for Online Routing and Machine Scheduling Problems". Networks, 55, 2-12, (2010)

Jaillet, P. and M. Wagner, “Generalized Online Routing: New Competitive Ratios, Resource Augmentation and Asymptotic Analyses,” Operations Research, 56, 745-757, 2008

Jaillet, P., E. Ronn and S. Tompaidis, “Valuation of Commodity Based Swing Options,” Management Science, 50, 909-921, 2004

Yang, J., P. Jaillet and H. Mahmassani, “Real-Time Truckload Pickup-and-Delivery Problem with Time Windows,” Transportation Science, 38, 135-148, 2004

Powell, W., P. Jaillet and A. Odoni, “Stochastic and Dynamic Routing and Networks,” Handbook of Operations Research, 8, 141--295, 1995

Jaillet, P., D. Lamberton and B. Lapeyre, “Variational Inequalities and the Pricing of American Options,” Acta Applicandae Mathematica, 21, 263--289, 1990

Bertsimas D., P. Jaillet and A. Odoni, “A Priori Optimization,” Operations Research, 38, 1019--1033, 1990

Jaillet, P., “A Priori Solution of a Traveling Salesman Problem in Which a Random Subset of the Customers Are Visited,” Operations Research, 36, 929--936, 1988

Patrick Jaillet, “Probabilistic Traveling Salesman Problems,” PhD Thesis; technical report-185, Operations Research Center, MIT, February 1985

Patrick Jaillet, “Probabilistic Analysis of Route Deviation Bus Lines,” SM Thesis, Interdepartmental Program in Transportation, MIT, May 1982

Recent Educational Activities

6.006: Introduction to Algorithms
6.041: Probabilistic Systems Analysis
6.986: Network Science and Models

Awards and Grants

French Foreign Ministry Fellowship (1981-1982)
UPS/MIT Prize and Fellowship (1984-1985)
ORSA/TSS (now INFORMS/TSL) 1985 Dissertation 1st Prize (1986)
CNRS/NSF Research Award (1990)
Fulbright (1990)
Invited Plenary Speaker, Optimization Days, Montreal (1992)
Fayez Sarofim Centennial Professorship, UT Austin (1997-1998)
B.M. Rankin Jr. Professorship, UT Austin (1998-2002)
Edmund K. Turner Professorship, MIT (2002-present)
Keynote Speaker, TRISTAN V, Guadeloupe (2004)
Commencement Speaker, ENTPE, France (2005)
Tow Lecturer, University of Iowa (2008)
Warren Lecture, University of Minnesota (2008)

Office of Naval Research (ONR): Large-Scale Online and Real-Time Optimization Problems under Uncertainty (2009-11)
Singapore MIT Research Alliance (SMART): Future Urban Mobility: Real-time Paths Tracking/Predictions and On-Demand Toute Guidance under Uncertainty (2010-15)
Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR): Data-Drive Online and Real-Time Combinatorial Optimization (2010-13)
National Science Foundation (NSF): Online Optimization for Dynamic Resource Allocation Problems (2010-13)

Patrick Jaillet

77 Massachusetts Ave.,
Cambridge, MA 02139
617-452-3379 ph