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Alexandre Megretski

Associate Professor of EECS

Leningrad University, PhD Control Theory, 1988
Leningrad University, MS, 1985

Biographical Overview

Alexandre Megretski is a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems. He was a researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, University of Newcastle, Australia, and a faculty member at Iowa State University, Ames.

Research Areas

A leading theoretician in the field of control theory, Dr. Megretski’s research involves nonlinear dynamical systems (identification, analysis, design), validation of hybrid control algorithms, optimization, applications to analog circuits, control of animated objects, and relay systems. Most significant is his innovative method of Integral Quadratic Constraints for robust nonlinear control.

Dr. Megretski’s principal field of interests is focused on nonlinear systems including:

  • Nonlinear System Identification and Model Reduction
  • Nonlinear dynamical system analysis
  • Design and validation of hybrid control algorithms
  • Optimization of nonlinear robust controllers (a.k.a. "adaptive control")
  • Optimization (LP,LMI,convex,non-convex etc.)
  • Applications: nonlinear circuits, modeling of live neurons, A/D convertion

Selected Publications

Sontag, E.D.; Yuan Wang; Megretski, A., “Input Classes for Identifiability of Bilinear Systems”, Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on, 54(2): 195-207, 2009

K. R. Santarelli, A. Megretski, and M. A. Dahleh,   "Stabilizability of two-dimensional linear systems via switched output feedback".  Systems and Control Letters, 57(3): 228-235, 2008.

Kotsalis, G.; Megretski, A.; and Dahleh, M.A., “Balanced Truncation for a Class of Stochastic Jump Linear Systems and Model Reduction for Hidden Markov Models”, Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on, 53, (11): 2543 – 2557, 2008

Tarraf, D.; Megretski, A.; and Dahleh, M. A.,  "A framework for robust stability of systems over finite alphabets".  Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on, 53, (5): 1133-1146, 2008

Byrnes, I.;  Tryphon, T. G. ; Lindquist, A.; Megretski, A.  “Generalized interpolation in H ∞ with a complexity constraint”. Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., 358: 965-987, 2006.

Willcox, K. and A. Megretski, “Fourier series for accurate, stable, reduced order models in large-scale applications,” SIAM Journal for Scientific Computing, 26, (3):944-962, 2005

Eldar, Y.C., A. Megretski, and G. C. Verghese, “Designing Optimal Quantum Detectors Via Semidefinite Programming,” IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, 49(4): 1017-1012, 2003.

A. Megretski, “Singular problems of Optimal Linear Quadratic Control,” PhD Thesis, 1988, Department of Mathematics, Leningrad University, Thesis supervisor: V. Yakubovich

Recent Educational Activities

6.241: Dynamical Systems
6.245: Multivariable Control Design

Awards and Grants

Edgerton Career Development Chair, 1999
NSF Career Award, 1996
Gustaffson Fellowship, 1991 Russia Math Competition, 1st prize, 1980

Space and Naval Warefare Systems Center: "System Identification Based Nonlinear Modeling of Analog Front-end Circuit Blocks"
NSF, "EFRI-COPN: Dynamics of Neural Networks on Planar Path-Clamp Array: Training, Identification and Control" Los Alamos National Security, L.L.C., "LANL/MIT Science Algorithms and Methods Institute (ISAMI)"


Alex Megretski

25 Vassar St,
Cambridge, MA 02139
617-253-9828 ph
617-324-6819 fax