Seminar Information

Seminar Organizers

Several months before the start of the season, the seminar coordinators (currently, Eytan and Guy), solicit suggestions for speakers, and choose the final lineup of speakers and hosts.

Every speaker has an associated host (faculty or research scientist). In most cases, this is the person who recommended the particular speaker.

Dates are chosen in coordination with IDSS, as some Tuesdays will be reserved for IDSS seminars.

Seminar invitations are sent out by the seminar organizers who coordinate with the host for mutually agreeable dates. 

The invitation includes information to the invitee about what expenses will be covered (economy airfare, 1 or 2 nights, etc.), and on the documentation (receipts) that the invitee must keep.

Upon confirmation, the responsibilities of the seminar organizers end here.



The following are the responsibilities of the host. The host will typically delegate them to their administrative assistant and/or to a student of theirs (student liaison), but retains the oversight and overall responsibility of managing the interactions with the speaker.

  • Obtain in a timely manner (preferably two months ahead of time) the title, abstract, and short bio of the speaker, and communicate them to the LIDS staff (Francisco Jaimes) responsible for publicity.
  • Make travel arrangements, as necessary.
  • Arrange the speaker’s schedule: this includes arrangements for lunch and dinner, as well as a fairly full schedule of meetings on the day of the visit. If on the day of the seminar there is an open to visitors LIDS or IDSS lunch, the speaker may be brought there.
  • Possibly advertise to mailing lists outside LIDS and IDSS, if appropriate.
  • Greet the speaker, introduce him/her at the seminar, and accompany to the reception.
  • Collect the speaker’s receipts, and handle the speaker’s reimbursement.


LIDS staff

LIDS staff takes care of the following:

  • Reserving ahead of time a room in which seminars are to be held, for the whole semester.
  • Publicity of the overall seminar series, as well for individual seminars
  • Food and drinks for the reception



We expect to spend no more thank $1500 per speaker. Any situations that would substantially exceed this amount should be discussed between the organizers and the host.

Regarding dinner, our policy is to allow $75/person for up to three people when a seminar speaker is taken out to dinner. This means that we will reimburse up to $150 for two people and up to $225 for three or more. Anything exceeding these amounts is to be charged to the host’s discretionary account.


Special seminars

On some occasions, e.g., when an interesting speaker happens to visit on an odd day, an ad hoc seminar may have to be organized.

If this is to be advertised as an official LIDS seminar, it has to be agreed upon by the series organizers, together with an agreement on what will be reimbursed by LIDS. The same rules apply to dinners as well.

On the other hand, everyone is free to arrange for seminars for their visitors or invitees, without any official or financial LIDS involvement.