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The LIDS Discretionary Fund is an unrestricted fund used to support many critical aspects of the lab—from student enrichment activities to conferences, workshops, and symposia.

For a lab like LIDS, with its emphasis on producing foundational theory and research (as opposed to more traditional deliverables), a healthy discretionary fund is especially important. The freedom to channel resources where they can be used best allows us to invest in our community with impact, while maintaining the intellectual values that make LIDS so special.

The LIDS Discretionary Fund supports:

  • Student Enrichment & Professional Development: LIDS students change the world. As we provide them with the intellectual foundation for their success, we are also continually looking for ways to enhance their educational experience. Discretionary funds are used in support of this goal, and can fund fellowships, mentoring programs, and other professional development opportunities.

  • Communication & Technology Enhancements: The LIDS community is growing, both here at MIT and around the world. This growth is exciting, and has made the need for improved communications a clear one—both within our community and beyond. Areas of potential investment in this area include alumni engagement initiatives, improved print and electronic materials, and video services for LIDS Seminars and other LIDS events, allowing us to provide access to these talks on-line.

  • LIDS-hosted Conferences, Workshops, & Symposia: Creating forums for connection, collaboration, and exploration, LIDS-hosted events continue to be a meaningful way we position ourselves as leaders in the field. These events—such as the Smart Urban Infrastructures Workshop and the NSF Workshop on Low-Latency Wireless Random-Access—bring together a community of world-leading researchers that informs and inspires new directions in research, application, and education.

Gifts to the discretionary fund of all sizes are very welcome.

If you would like to discuss giving opportunities at LIDS, please contact John Ryan, Senior Leadership Giving Officer, at johnryan[at]mit[dot]edu.

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The Michael Athans Fellowship Fund

The Michael Athans Fellowship Fund supports outstanding first-year graduate students in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The fund was created in honor of Michael Athans, as a recognition of his profound contributions to the field of systems and control. A decades-long member of LIDS, and an inspirational director of the lab, Michael’s vision and achievements have had a remarkable reach—his work has influenced generations of practitioners.

Michael Athans Fellowships are a way to extend this influence even further, supporting the field’s next generation of leaders, mentors, and theoreticians. Fellowships are given with preference for students working in LIDS areas of research: the mathematical foundations of estimation, control, and optimization of complex systems, or related fields.

For a brochure with additional information, please click here.

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