LIDS Seminar Series

The LIDS seminar series serves as a focal point in the intellectual life of the lab.

This seminar series is made possible through the generous support of .

September 10, 2018

LIDS Seminar Series - Mihaela van der Schaar

Mihaela van der Schaar (University of California, Los Angeles)

September 17, 2018

Regret of Queueing Bandits

Sanjay Shakkotai (University of Texas, Austin)

We consider a variant of the multiarmed bandit (MAB) problem where jobs or tasks queue for service, and service rates of different servers (agents) may be unknown. Such (queueing+learning) problems are motivated by a vast range of service systems,...

September 24, 2018

LIDS Seminar Series - Sewoong Oh

Sewoong Oh (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

October 15, 2018

Augmented Lagrangians and Decomposition in Convex and Nonconvex Programming

Terry Rockafellar (University of Washington)

Multiplier methods based on augmented Lagrangians are attractive in convex and nonconvex programming for their stabilizing and even convexifying properties. They have widely been seen, however, as incompatible with taking advantage of a block-...

October 22, 2018

LIDS Seminar Series - Ayfer Ozgur Aydin

Ayfer Ozgur Aydin (Stanford University)

October 29, 2018

LIDS Seminar Series - Christos Papadimitriou

Christos Papadimitriou (Columbia University)

November 13, 2018

LIDS Seminar Series - Abbas El Gamal

Abbas El Gamal (Stanford University)

November 19, 2018

LIDS Seminar Series - Benjamin Hobbs

Benjamin Hobbs (Johns Hopkins University)

November 26, 2018

LIDS Seminar Series - Saurabh Amin

Saurabh Amin (MIT)

December 10, 2018

LIDS Seminar Series - Naomi E. Leonard

Naomi E. Leonard (Princeton University)