Book a Conference Room

LIDS conference rooms, 32-D677, 32-D707, 32-D708 and 32-D775A can be booked by going here: and using the two tabs to the far right. [You will only see blocked out times without descriptions.]

32-D775A is priority space for the LIDS Director.  If a schedule change is required for a booked event, you will be informed as early as possible.

What to know once you've booked a room:

  • You can get a key to unlock your reserved conference room from your Research Supervisor’s LIDS Admin or from a staff member in LIDS headquarters.
  • Please clean the room after each use so that it is ready for the next users, and return all furniture to their original positions.
  • Always lock the conference room when you’re done. If you don’t have a way to do so, please let your Research Supervisor’s LIDS Admin know that you’ve left the room unlocked.
  • If you have specific technical needs or are unfamiliar with how to use the equipment in a conference room, please see Brian Jones in LIDS headquarters. It's best to make technical arrangements in advance of your booking.
  • If your needs change and you no longer require use of the room or need it for a different period of time, please let your Research Supervisor’s LIDS Admin know as soon as possible.

LIDS conference rooms are a resource for the entire community. No one is centrally responsible for re-setting or maintaining them. Please be respectful of the spaces, and others who will be using them after you’re done, by keeping things clean and reserving the rooms only for the times that you need them.


What Rooms Are Available?

LIDS has two conference rooms: D677 and D707. To look into using different spaces on campus for your meeting or event (such as classrooms) please contact your Research Supervisor's LIDS Admin.

D677 has a capacity of around 30, and has a projector, screen, and white boards. There is also conference call equipment in this room.

D707 has a capacity of around 12 at the conference table (with extra chairs for seating against the walls). It has white boards, a projector, and video conferencing equipment.

Please note that LIDS conference rooms are not available for use during evenings and weekends.