Book a Conference Room

Conference rooms are available for the use of LIDS members in building 32 and 45. Each room is equipped with a card reader that should allow any lab member access. If you have any trouble using or booking a room, email lids-help[at]mit[dot]edu.


  • Please make sure the room is clean and all tables and chairs are in their original locations after your meeting.
  • If you end up cancelling a meeting, please rememeber to remove it from the booking site (Robin for 32 or Spaces for 45).

Building 45

Conference room bookings for building 45 are managed by the Atlas Spaces app. You can install the app using the instructions on the IS&T website.

In the Atlas app, you can use the Spaces Pilot (not the Spaces) page to book a conference room. Everyone in LIDS should have access to the Spaces Pilot app. If you don't see Spaces Pilot in the Atlas app, or if you don't see any rooms in the Spaces Pilot app, email lids-help[at]mit[dot]edu.

Building 32

LIDS uses software from Robin to manage bookable rooms and desks in building 32. Any lab member should be able to book a room using either a mobile device and the Robin app, or a desktop or laptop using Robin's web interface.

Booking via web interface for building 32

On the web interface, choose 'Continue with Single Sign-On'. You should be taken to MIT's Touchstone page where you can use your MIT username and password or your MIT certificate to login. If this is your first time logging in, you will be asked to select a building to use as your default location. Select building 32 (this can also be set in your account preferences). If you don't see building 32 as an option, choose any selection and save/continue. After logging in, you should see an icon in the top left of the window. Click on that and select MIT LIDS. You should now be able to book rooms in building 32. If you have any trouble doing this, email lids-help[at]mit[dot]edu.

After logging in, you should be taken to the Office page (you can also find a link for that in the navbar at the top of the page). Select a date and time to see available rooms (available rooms will be green on the map). Click on the room you want to reserve, and then on the 'Book meeting' link.

In the window that opens up, enter a title for your event and make sure your start and end times are correct. If it wil be a recurring event, check the box labeled 'Repeat' and select a frequency and an end date for your meeting. You should see an alert if one of the times you request is already booked, and you should be given options for changing your reservation.

If you would like meeting participants to receive a calendar invitation, enter either their email addresses or their names into the box under 'Guests & Spaces'. If they already have a Robin account, their information wil be automatically completed. If they don't, you would need to enter their email address manually.

To confirm your reservation, click 'Book Now' (or 'Book and Check In Now' if your meeting will start soon).

More information can be found on this help page from Robin.

Booking via Mobile app for building 32

Install the Robin app if you don't already have it. Login using Single Sign-On with your MIT credentials.

To book a conference room, tap on the '+' button in the bottom of the app and select 'Book a space' (not 'Book a desk'). Select the floor, date, and time to see available rooms.

Tap on the 'New event' button and fill in the details of your event.

To send out calendar invitations for attendees, enter their email addresses in the 'Invite others' box. To look someone up, enter part of either their name or email address and tap the Search button (this will only work for people with MIT accounts).

More information can be found on this help page from Robin.