Printing Instructions for Mac

Note: you must be on either the LIDS wired network or the MIT SECURE wireless network to connect to these printers.

Driver Installation

This section should be the same for both the 6th floor printer and the 7th floor printer. First, Download and and run the driver installation package.

After accepting the licensing agreement, you will be asked to select a printer to install.  If your are connected to the LIDS wired network, the copier should be found after 10 seconds or so.  In the image below, the 7th floor copier is listed first (Xerox AltaLink C8045 - copier-7, and the 6th floor copier is second (Xerox WorkCentre 7855 - copier  Click on the one you want and continue.

If you don't see the printers show up after a minute or so, click on the icon on the right (it is supposed to look like a single node connected to a network while the other icon is supposed to look like three nodes connected to a network).  Then you should be able to enter the name of the printer you want to connect to.  For the 6th floor printer, enter  For the 7th floor printer, enter

Select the printer, and finish the installation process.  If you want to install the other lab printer, just go through the same process again and enter the appropriate printer name when prompted.  Continue with the section below to configure both printers.

Printer Configuration

These printers require a passcode to print (you can get the code from your Administrative Assistant).  The settings should be the same for both printers, so if you've installed the driver for both printers, just go through the steps below for each one.

The easiest way to access the driver's settings is to try to print something.  Unfortunately, recent versions of MacOS have made some changes that seem to be causing problems for Xerox, so the process of configuring these printers is a little convoluted.  The first thing you'll want to do is save your copier code in a preset so you don't need to enter it every time you print.  This needs to happen with a non-Apple app like Firefox, MS Word, Adobe Acrobat (but not Chrome, for some reason).  So using one of those apps, try to print something, select the printer you just added, and look for some settings labeled "Xerox Features".



After selecting "Xerox Features", you should see another sub-menu.  The options you'll probably want to change are Paper/Output->2-Sided Printing, and Advanced->Accounting (this is where your code will go). 



In the Accounting settings, select "Xerox Standard Accounting", "Do Not Prompt", and then enter your code in the "Default User ID" field.

Click 'OK', and then save these settings as a preset so they can be automatically used each time you print.  At the top of the window, under the printer name, select "Save Current Settings as Preset", give these settings a name, and select the checkbox that only applies them to this printer.



If you want to enable automatic stapling, you'll need to open a document with an Apple app this time (Preview, or Safari for example) and look for settings under "Printer Features".



Then scroll down and set the following options:

  • Finishing: Stapling
  • Stapling: 1 Staple
  • Staple Location: TopLeft



You can then either save those settings as a new preset, or as the current preset (to overwrite the current preset, just change the suggested name to the existing name when saving.  In the example above, that would be 'lids1'.)

If you have questions, or run in to any problems, contact Brian (jonesb[at]mit[dot]edu).