Printing Instructions for Mac

Driver Installation

Download and install the driver.

At some point, you will be asked to select a printer to install.  If your are connected to the LIDS wired network, the copier should be found after 10 seconds or so and you should see something like this:

picture of printer selection window

Select the printer (if it shows up, if not, keep reading), click 'Continue', and finish the installation process.  You can skip the next few paragraphs and go on the the section titled 'Printer Configuration' below.  If you are connected to one of the wireless networks in the lab, you will not see the copier listed.  That's OK, click 'Continue'  and finish the installation process.  You might see a warning message if a printer wasn't selected.  That's OK too, just click 'Continue', close the window, and then open up System Preferences (you can find this in the apple icon in the top left of your display) and select the 'Printers & Scanners' icon.  Now click on the + button and select 'Add Printer or Scanner'.

A new window should pop up that looks like:

image of the first stage of the add printer dialogue

Select the tab at the top that is labeled 'IP' and contains a globe icon.  Enter in the Address field and select 'Internet Printing Protocol - IPP' in the Protocol field.  After a few seconds, you should see something like 'Xerox WorkCentre 7855' show up in the Use field.  If it doesn't, click on that field and select 'Select Software'.  Then type 7855 into the search field and select the Xerox driver.  When you are done, the window should look like this:

image of the second stage of the add printer dialogue

Click Add, and continue with the configuration outlined below. 

Printer Configuration

This printer requires a passcode to print.  You should have received the code from your Administrative Assistant.  

The easiest way to access the driver's settings is to try to print something.  You should then see a window similar to this (If you don't, look for a button labeled 'Show Details' and click it.  If you are using a non-Apple application like Chrome or Acrobat, you might see something different.  Click on 'Print using System Dialog' if in Chrome and 'Printer...' if using Acrobat.):

picture of printer configuration dialog window

In the dropdown menu that is expanded in the image above, select 'Xerox Features'.  You should see a window similar to this:

picture of printer configuration dialog window

Select 'Advanced' from the dropdown menu shown above, and then look for the section called 'Configuration: Accounting'.

Under 'Accounting System', select 'Xerox Standard Accounting'.  Then you should fill out the window as follows:

picture of the printer configuration dialog window

Leave 'Default Account ID' blank, and enter the code you received in the 'Default User ID' field, then Click on 'OK'.

Saving Configurations

If you clicked on 'OK', you should be back in the previous configuration window.  At the top of it, look for a section called 'Presets' and select 'Save Current Settings as Preset'.  Select a name for it and make it available only for that printer.  Save everything and try printing your job.  Email Brian if you run into any problems or have any questions.