LIDS & Stats Tea

Tea talks are 20 minute long informal chalk-talks for the purpose of sharing ideas and making others aware about some of the topics that may be of interest to the LIDS and Stats audience. If you are interested in presenting in the upcoming seminars, please email lids_stats_tea[at]mit[dot]edu

February 10, 2021

Localization, Uniform Convexity, and Star Aggregation

Suhas Vijaykumar (MIT Sloan)

Offset Rademacher complexities have been shown to imply sharp, data-dependent upper bounds for the square loss in a broad class of problems including improper statistical learning and online learning. We show that in the statistical setting, the...


February 17, 2021

Generative Adversarial Training for Gaussian Mixture Models

Farzan Farnia (LIDS)

Generative adversarial networks (GANs) learn the distribution of observed samples through a zero-sum game between two machine players, a generator and a discriminator. While GANs achieve great success in learning the complex distribution of image...


February 24, 2021

Exterior-Point Operator Splitting for Nonconvex Learning

Shuvomoy Das Gupta (ORC)

We present the nonconvex exterior-point operator splitting algorithm (NExOS), a novel linearly convergent first-order algorithm tailored for constrained nonconvex learning problems. We consider the problem of minimizing a convex cost function over a...


March 3, 2021

The DeCAMFounder: Non-Linear Causal Discovery in the Presence of Hidden Variables

Raj Agrawal (CSAIL)

Many real-world decision-making tasks require learning causal relationships between a set of variables. Typical causal discovery methods, however, require that all variables are observed, which might not be realistic in practice. Unfortunately, in...


March 10, 2021

LIDS & Stats Tea Talk - James Siderius (EECS)

James Siderius (EECS)


March 17, 2021

LIDS & Stats Tea Talk - Ryan Cory-Wright (ORC)

Ryan Cory-Wright (ORC)


March 24, 2021

LIDS & Stats Tea Talk - Heng Yang (LIDS)

Heng Yang (LIDS)


March 31, 2021

LIDS & Stats Tea Talk - Andreas Alexander Haupt (IDSS/LIDS)

Andreas Alexander Haupt (IDSS / LIDS)


April 7, 2021

LIDS & Stats Tea Talk - Jason Altschuler (EECS/LIDS)

Jason Altschuler (EECS / LIDS)


April 14, 2021

LIDS & Stats Tea Talk - Manon Revel (IDSS/LIDS)

Manon Revel (IDSS / LIDS)


April 21, 2021

LIDS & Stats Tea Talk - Vishrant Tripathi (EECS/LIDS)

Vishrant Tripathi (EECS / LIDS)


April 28, 2021

LIDS & Stats Tea Talk - Xiaoyue Gong (ORC)

Xiaoyue Gong (ORC)


May 5, 2021

LIDS & Stats Tea Talk - Sarah Cen

Sarah Cen (LIDS)


May 12, 2021

LIDS & Stats Tea Talk - Ifueko Nosakhare Igbinedion (EECS/LIDS)

Ifueko Nosakhare Igbinedion (EECS / LIDS)


May 19, 2021

LIDS & Stats Tea Talk - Ruihao Zhu (IDSS/LIDS)

Ruihao Zhu ( IDSS / LIDS)


May 26, 2021

LIDS & Stats Tea Talk - Eren Can Kizildag (LIDS)

Eren Can Kizildag (LIDS)