Networks — from Communications to Social Networks

The term “Networks” serves as an umbrella to refer to a tremendously broad variety of topics that involve the interaction of multiple entities.

It includes the development of fundamental limits on communications systems, advances in information theory, the design of optimal resource allocation schemes for wireless or optical networks, and the design of optimal architectures and control algorithms for data centers and cloud networks.

It also includes the analysis and design of networked control systems, as they arise in transportation or the energy grid. And it extends all the way to the study of agents that partcispate in and interact through a social network.

Sample Activities

  • Information theory in the finite blocklength regime
  • Multiaccess networks and the Internet of Things
  • Network localization and navigation
  • Ultra-wideband and other emerging communications technologies
  • Scheduling and routing in communication networks
  • Power grid: control, optimization, and economics
  • Systemic risk: new modeling and analysis frameworks
  • Social networks: analysis, statistical inference, and applications
  • Transportation network analysis, control, and design
  • Game-theoretic analysis of transportation networks