Information for Visitors and New Members

Administrative Assistance

Your first recourse for help with administrative matters is your Host Professor's LIDS Administrative Assistant. As appropriate, s/he will handle matters directly or refer you to other LIDS administrative staff or other offices in the Institute such as the International Scholars Office or the International Students Office.


A convenient local bank is Bank of America, located at 226 Main Street in Kendall Square and in the Stratton Student Center. Many community members also utilize the MIT Credit Union, which has offices located at 700 Tech Sq. (building NE48), and the Stratton Student Center. Also, there are various ATM machines located throughout the main building MIT campus.


The MIT branch of the COOP is located on Main Street near the T in Kendall Square and handles texts for courses and other references. The main branch at Harvard Square has a more extensive collection. There are several other bookstores in Harvard Square.

Checking In

Your first step should be to see the LIDS Administrative Officer, Rich Lay. He will let you know where you will be sitting and provide you with an orientation of LIDS space. He will also introduce you to your PI’s Administrative Assistant and to Christina Fucarino, the Assistant to the LIDS Director. Christina will provide you with LIDS access on your MIT ID card and also your office key. Students should check in with their appropriate Graduate Education Office. Foreign visitors or research staff should check-in at the International Scholars Office (Building E18, Room 209).

Checking Out

Before you leave at the end of your visit, please see Rich Lay to leave a forwarding address and make sure all necessary paperwork is completed. Please see Christina Fucarino, Carissa Prue, or Rich Lay  to return cards or keys. Also, any visitors who are expecting travel reimbursement after their departure should see their host's Administrative Assistant to ensure that all necessary arrangements have been made.

Computing/Internet Access

"MIT Secure" is the preferred wireless network for members of the MIT community.  You can use your Athena username and password to connect.  IS&T has provided a web page with connection instructions for different clients.

For other questions regarding computing and printer access, contact Brian Jones, LIDS System Administrator.


See separate Resource page: Copy/Fax/Print/Scan

Faxing (update TBD)

See separate Resource page: TBD

Housing Resources for Visiting Students

Housing resources for MIT visiting students.

ID Cards

For visitors with a formal appointment at MIT, an MIT photo ID card may be obtained by going to the MIT Card Office/Atlas Service Center in Building E17, room 106. Please call (617) 253-3475 to see if your appointment has been added to the MIT roster and for any further information prior to walking over.

Your ID will serve as your access card to enter LIDS areas during off-hours, weekends and holidays. Never share your access card with those not officially associated with LIDS. Abuse of the access card can result in termination of Lab privileges.

Keys/Access Cards

Christina Fucarino can provide you with a key to your visitor office. Please return the key promptly before the end of your visit.

Christina Fucarino can provide temporary access cards for visitors. You must return all cards to Christina when you leave.


Normal access to the MIT Library system is obtained using an MIT identification card. For short-term visitors or longer term members who do not yet have an ID card, your LIDS host can sign a letter for library access by which they agree to be responsible for borrowed material.

Local Food/Dining

On the first floor of the Stata Center, at the other end from the D-tower elevators, is the Forbes Cafe.  This is a full service eatery, plus coffee stand.

The Faculty R&D Pub is located on the 4th floor of the Stata Center and is accessible only if accompanied by an MIT faculty member.

Other MIT on-campus options can be found on the MIT Residential Dining site. Included on this website is a list of the various food trucks along with their current locations. The food trucks are typically less expensive and are popular for many among the MIT community.

There are many places to eat in the area, including Legal Seafood on Main St. and the food court across from the Kendall Square subway station.

Click here for a link to Yelp's local restaurant page for Cambridge.


See separate Resource page: Ship & Receive Mail

Manuscripts and Preprints

Due to our limited support staff, we ask visitors and students to prepare their own technical manuscripts. To insure that we have a complete record of all manuscripts written in LIDS, please see separate Resource page: Request LIDS publication number.  Also, all manuscripts written in LIDS need to include a sentence acknowledging appropriate grant support.

Medical Care

In the event of a medical or police emergency, dial the Campus Patrol at 100 for immediate assistance. For urgent but noncritical walk-in medical care, go to the main desk of the medical department, Building E23. Urgent care is open 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. every day.


Parking information can be obtained by contacting Parking at x8-6510 or x3-7276 or using the web site


See Copying above

Picture Case

The picture case outside LIDS HQ on the 6th floor has photos of Faculty, Research Staff and LIDS Administrative Staff.

Publication and Page Charges

As a general rule, visitors who are not supported directly by LIDS are encouraged to have their home institution cover page charges and reprint expenses, or to publish in journals without page charges. In cases in which restriction to a journal without page charges is a significant problem, please discuss it with your LIDS host and LIDS Director.

Reimbursement for Meals, Supplies, etc.

IMPORTANT: For Students and Postdocs be sure to obtain prior approval from your LIDS Advisor before making any purchases. Instructions and information for submitting out-of-pocket receipts for reimbursement to your LIDS Administrative Assistant, can be found here.


If you ever have a concern about your personal safety, or need escort service to a parking lot after dark, call the Campus Police at 3-1212 on MIT campus phones or (617) 253-1212 on your cell phone. Please bring any safety concerns you may have to the attention of Rich Lay. Outside of normal working hours, LIDS is locked and only accessible by access card. Please see a staff member to obtain a card. Do not allow non-LIDS members in with you after hours. Secure your laptops. Do not leave valuables in unattended or leave your office door open if you are not in it.


A large number and variety of research seminars are available in LIDS, at MIT and in the Greater Boston area. Please see our Event Calendar for the latest roster of events.

You will automatically be added to the LIDS Seminars email list near the beginning of the term in which you start.


Supplies for professional work, including paper, pens, and other office supplies are available from your scientific host's administrative assistant.

Travel Rules and Reimbursement

IMPORTANT: For Students and Postdocs be sure to obtain prior approval from your LIDS Advisor before making any travel-related purchases.  See separate Resource page: Travel Rules and Reimbursement