Ship & Receive Mail

Addressing Mail

All mail (including packages being shipped to you) should be addressed as follows:


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Massachusetts Avenue

32-DXXX ← where 32 is our building number and DXXX is your office number

Cambridge, MA 02139

Please note that if mail is addressed to you in a different format than above, it may not get to you!


Receiving regular mail (anything that’s not a package)

If you are in a 5th floor LIDS office

Mail for the 5th floor can be found in two dividers in the hallway area near the fax machine and microwave.  If you are not able to locate your mail, please contact your Research Supervisor’s LIDS Administrative Assistant.

If you are in a 6th or 7th floor LIDS office

This mail is delivered to the mail room in the basement of Stata and will be distributed by a LIDS Administrative Assistant  If you are expecting important mail and need to check the mailroom yourself, please see your Research Supervisor’s LIDS Administrative Assistant for information on how to collect your mail from here.


Receiving packages

Packages are routed to different places on campus depending on who the mail carrier is.

United States Postal Service (USPS)

These packages first go to Mail Services (Building WW15) and then get routed to the mail room in the basement of Stata - please see your Research Supervisor’s LIDS Admin to find out how to access the mail room to pick up your package.

FEDEX, UPS, and other express carriers

These packages first go to the loading dock in the basement of Stata. They are delivered directly to individual offices the day they are received in the loading dock or the day after.

If you are trying to track or pick up a package you need urgently, you can go down to the Stata Center loading dock (for FEDEX and UPS packages) or contact Mail Services (for USPS packages). You will need to know who the carrier is and to have a tracking number if at all possible.


Shipping mail and packages

There is a U.S. Post Office at MIT’s Student Center, and another on Main Street. There is a FEDEX location on Main Street in the Tech Square area. There is also a FEDEX drop of box in the basement of Stata.

Closer to LIDS, there is a multi-box mail drop located on the 1st floor of Stata across from the Dreyfoos Tower elevators:

Interdepartmental Mail & U.S. Stamped Mail box

Domestic mail with postage already affixed can be dropped in this box. Interdepartmental mail can be dropped in this box, as well. No postage is required for interdepartmental mail.

Interdepartmental mail can be addressed with the person or office’s name and their MIT building and room number (e.g. Jennifer Donovan, 32-D610).

Domestic Mail To Be Processed and International Mail To Be Processed boxes

When postage is being paid for by an MIT account, the piece of mail gets marked up and processed in a specific way by the institute. These boxes are mainly for use by MIT staff.