Dynamic Monitoring and Decision Systems (DyMonDS) Framework for Data-Enabled Integration in Complex Electric Energy Systems

Monday, September 16, 2019 - 4:00pm to Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 4:55pm

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LIDS Seminar Series

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Marija Ilic



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In this talk, we introduce a unifying Dynamic Monitoring and Decision Systems (DyMonDS) framework that is based on multi-layered modeling for aggregation and minimal coordination of interactions between the layers of complex electric energy systems. Using this approach, distributed control and optimization problems are formulated so that: (1) the low-level decision-makers optimize cost of local interactions while accounting for their heterogeneous technologies, as well as for their social and risk preferences; and, (2) the higher layer aggregators and coordinators optimize the cost of all interactions at their levels to enable cooperative control. The interactions of each layer are abstracted by using unifying energy state space and the Lagrange coefficients associated with the general physical laws. This sets the bases for both nonlinear control of power electronically-switched automation and for market design formulation. Potential benefits (such as enhanced reliability, resiliency, and efficiency) from integrating flexible technologies, storage, and control, in particular, are illustrated on simple IEEE test systems.


Marija Ilić has retired as a Professor Emerita at Carnegie Mellon University. She is currently a Senior Staff in the Energy Systems Group 73 at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory. She is also a Senior Research Scientist at MIT in LIDS and IDSS. She is an IEEE Life Fellow. She was the first recipient of the NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award for Power Systems. In addition to her academic work, she has gained considerable industry experience as the founder of New Electricity Transmission Software Solutions, Inc. (NETSS, Inc.). She has co-authored several books on the subject of large-scale electric power systems and has co-organized an annual multidisciplinary Electricity Industry conference series at Carnegie Mellon with participants from academia, government, and industry. She was the founder and co-director of the Electric Energy Systems Group (EESG) at Carnegie Mellon University. Currently, she is building EESG@MIT, in the same spirit as EESG@CMU.