LIDS Smart Urban Infrastructures Workshop

Thursday, May 11, 2017 to Friday, May 12, 2017

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Edoardo Airoldi, Saurabh Amin, João Barros, Eilyan Bitar, David Block-Schachter, Nick Chamandy, Munther Dahleh, Mérouane Debbah, Frank H. P. Fitzek, Dominie Garcia, Sonja Glavaski, Mark Gorenberg, Dongning Guo, Jonathan P. How, Marija Ilic, and more.


Laboratory for Information & Decision Systems

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MIT Media Lab (E14-648)


The LIDS Smart Urban Infrastructures Workshop is a two-day event showcasing current work and emerging research opportunities at the intersection of smart services and urban infrastructure systems.

It will feature top researchers from academia, industry, and government in a series of keynote talks and panel discussions. Topics include:

  • Smart Grid and Energy Services
  • Smart Cities and Communities
  • Security and Privacy in Smart Services
  • Transportation Services and Platforms
  • Autonomous Transportation
  • Communications and the Internet of Things in Smart Cities

The workshop’s emphasis will be on the technical complexities and diversity of ideas in this space. Its aim is to provide a broad overview of key issues while exploring new, multidisciplinary approaches to emerging challenges and opportunities.

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