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Friday, January 30, 2015

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Welcome to the 20th annual LIDS Student Conference! The annual LIDS student conference is a student organized, student run conference that provides an opportunity for graduate students to present their research to peers as well as to the community at large. You can find more information on our web site:

The conference will be held on January 29-30 2015, at MIT's Stata Center Rooms 32-141 and 32-155.

We are delighted to have with us as distinguished plenary speakers:

    Jennifer Tour Chayes,
    Managing Director,
    Microsoft Research New England & Microsoft Research New York City.

    Ramesh Johari,
    Associate Professor, Management Science and Engineering,
    Stanford University.

    Sridevi V. Sarma,
    Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Institute for Computational Medicine,
    Johns Hopkins University.

    Martin J. Wainwright,
    Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Professor of Statistics
    UC Berkeley.