A Novel Hierarchical Decomposition Approach for Optimal Grid - Distributed Energy Resource Coordination Employing Distribution Locational Marginal Costs

Friday, February 14, 2020 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

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Panagiotis Andrianesis


Boston University

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We consider radial distribution networks hosting Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), including Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and storage-like loads, such as Electric Vehicles (EVs). We employ short-run dynamic Distribution Locational Marginal Costs (DLMCs) of real and reactive power to co-optimize distribution network and DER schedules. Striking a balance between centralized control and distributed self-dispatch, we present a novel hierarchical decomposition approach that is based on centralized AC Optimal Power Flow (OPF) interacting with DER self-dispatch that adapts to real and reactive power DLMCs. The proposed approach is designed to be highly scalable for massive DER Grid integration with high model fidelity incorporating rigorous network component dynamics and costs and reflecting them in DLMCs. We illustrate the use of an Enhanced AC OPF to discover spatiotemporally varying DLMCs enabling optimal Grid-DER coordination incorporating congestion and asset (transformer) degradation. We employ actual distribution feeders to exemplify the use of DLMCs as financial incentives conveying sufficient information to optimize the Distribution Network and DER (PV and EV) operation, and we discuss the applicability and tractability of the proposed approach while modeling the full complexity of spatiotemporal DER capabilities and preferences.


Panagiotis Andrianesis is a graduate of the Hellenic Army Academy, holds a B.Sc. degree in economics (2004) from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, an M.S. in electrical and computer engineering (2010) from the National Technical University of Athens, a M.Sc. in production management (2011) and a Ph.D. (2016) in the design and analysis of electricity market mechanisms from the University of Thessaly, Greece. He is currently a Postdoctoral Associate in the Division of Systems Engineering and collaborates with the Information and Data Science Research Group of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Boston University. Before joining Boston University, he served as a Research Associate of the University of Thessaly’s Production Management Laboratory, consulted for ECCO International Inc., and contributed to the development of a widely used commercial software tool for airline crew scheduling. Dr. Andrianesis is a Member of INFORMS and the Optimization Society, IEEE and the Power and Energy Society, POMS (Production and Operations Management Society) and the College of Supply Chain Management, and MOS (Mathematical Optimization Society). He is the recipient of the 2010 IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Pre-Doctoral Research Award. His research focuses on power system economics, electricity markets, operations research, optimization, and applied mathematics.