Enrollment Open for Online Course "Data Science: Data to Insights"

May 16, 2017

The popular online course "Data Science: Data to Insights" is back! Enrollment is now open for the next run, which begins on May 30.

Co-directed by LIDS faculty members Devavrat Shah and Philippe Rigollet, module instructors include Guy Bresler, Tamara Broderick, Victor Chernozhukov, David Gamarnik, Stefanie Jegelka, Jonathan Kelner, Ankur Moitra, and Caroline Uhler.

This course is presented by the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS) and MIT Professional Education.

Course Description:

Amazing, but true: 90% the world’s data was created in just the past few years. Faced with overwhelming amounts of data, organizations are struggling to extract the powerful insights they need to make smarter business decisions. To address this challenge, MIT Professional Education has partnered with the MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS) to offer Data Science: Data to Insights. Specifically designed for data scientists, business analysts, engineers, and technical managers, this in-demand course examines the latest data science techniques through in-depth case studies from Netflix, Amazon, and other data science leaders.

Turn Knowledge into Action:

In addition to learning from MIT’s leading data science experts, you’ll delve into case studies and put your knowledge into action by:

  • Tracking the 2D and 3D position of objects with a Kalman filter
  • Building your own movie, music, and product recommendation systems
  • Automatically clustering news stories with a spectral technique algorithm
  • Predicting wages with a linear regression model
  • Exploring one or two layer perceptrons to assess their decision boundaries
  • Using network-theoretic ideas to identify new candidate genes that might cause autism

What You'll Learn:

  • Apply data science techniques to your organization’s data management challenges
  • Identify and avoid common pitfalls in big data analytics
  • Deploy machine learning algorithms to mine your data
  • Interpret analytical models to make better business decisions