LIDS student Ian Schneider to be first graduate of IDSS Social & Engineering Systems (SES) doctoral program

January 14, 2020

Please join us in congratulating LIDS student Ian Schneider on being the first student in the newly-formed IDSS SES PhD program to successfully defend his dissertation!

IDSS Communications Office (Original Article)

IDSS congratulates Ian Schneider on the successful defense of his dissertation ‘Market Design Opportunities for an Evolving Power System.’

This success marks a major milestone for the Social & Engineering Systems doctoral program: its first defense, which puts Schneider on a path to be the first SES graduate (officially in February of 2020).

“We wanted to address complex societal challenges that lie at the intersection of engineering and computing, and social sciences and economics,” remarked IDSS director Munther Dahleh, who also chaired the dissertation committee. “The whole idea is that these theses have to tackle these problems in a rigorous and systematic way … You do quite a bit of analytical work to either analyze or design mechanisms that make sense for both people and the systems at the same time.”

Schneider is also an alum of the Technology and Policy Program (TPP) and a Siebel Scholar. He will be joining Google as a Data Scientist working on renewable energy initiatives.