LIDS student Zied Ben Chaouch receives EECS department award for outstanding teaching

May 21, 2017

It is a pleasure to share the news that LIDS student Zied Ben Chaouch was one of the recipients of the EECS department’s Frederick C. Hennie II Teaching Award for outstanding teaching, was which presented at the annual EECS Awards and Recognition Celebration on Sunday, May 21.  

Zied has contributed to educational endeavors as a TA for 6.041 and 6.436, by offering a “math camp” for incoming students to the IDSS/SES doctoral program, and by running two offerings of the online class 6.041x.

Zied studied Physics as an undergraduate at McGill. After joining MIT, he completed his Masters thesis on influence maximization in models of opinion dynamics. He is currently working on financial market models. In his free time, Zied enjoys going to the theatre, to the opera, or dancing tango.