Opportunities for collaboration between LIDS and Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

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(left to right) Prof. Tom Luo (CUHK-SZ), Prof. John Tsitsiklis (LIDS, MIT), and Prof. Yangsheng Xu (CUHK-SZ).

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November 8, 2017


The President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK(SZ)), Prof. Yangsheng Xu, and the Vice president for Academic Affairs, Prof. Tom Luo, a LIDS alum (PhD ‘89), visited LIDS in May 2017.

CUHK(SZ) is a relatively new university which is rapidly expanding its portfolio of programs and research projects—some of which intersect with active areas of research in LIDS.

The CUHK(SZ) visit highlighted such intersections, and led to discussions of possible collaborations between the university and LIDS. As a first step in exploring these possibilities, CUHK(SZ) has offered to welcome short or extended visits by LIDS faculty. In turn, LIDS offered opportunities for select CUHK(SZ) postdocs to visit the lab and collaborate with LIDS faculty.

LIDS is pleased to foster these kinds of connections. Interested CUHK(SZ) postdoctoral candidates should consult http://sse.cuhk.edu.cn/en/content/4036 and direct inquiries to talents4sse[at]cuhk.edu[dot]cn.