Alexandre Megretski

Professor, EECS

LIDS Faculty/PI

  • Leningrad University, PhD Control Theory, 1988
  • Leningrad University, MS, 1985

Brief Biography

Alexandre Megretski is a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems. He was a researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, University of Newcastle, Australia, and a faculty member at Iowa State University, Ames.

Selected Publications

  • Sontag, E.D.; Yuan Wang; Megretski, A., “Input Classes for Identifiability of Bilinear Systems”, Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on, 54(2): 195-207, 2009
  • K. R. Santarelli, A. Megretski, and M. A. Dahleh,   "Stabilizability of two-dimensional linear systems via switched output feedback".  Systems and Control Letters, 57(3): 228-235, 2008.
  • Kotsalis, G.; Megretski, A.; and Dahleh, M.A., “Balanced Truncation for a Class of Stochastic Jump Linear Systems and Model Reduction for Hidden Markov Models”, Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on, 53, (11): 2543 – 2557, 2008
  • Tarraf, D.; Megretski, A.; and Dahleh, M. A.,  "A framework for robust stability of systems over finite alphabets".  Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on, 53, (5): 1133-1146, 2008
  • Byrnes, I.;  Tryphon, T. G. ; Lindquist, A.; Megretski, A.  “Generalized interpolation in H ∞ with a complexity constraint”. Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., 358: 965-987, 2006.
  • Willcox, K. and A. Megretski, “Fourier series for accurate, stable, reduced order models in large-scale applications,” SIAM Journal for Scientific Computing, 26, (3):944-962, 2005
  • Eldar, Y.C., A. Megretski, and G. C. Verghese, “Designing Optimal Quantum Detectors Via Semidefinite Programming,” IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, 49(4): 1017-1012, 2003.

Selected Awards

  • Edgerton Career Development Chair, 1999
  • NSF Career Award, 1996
  • Gustaffson Fellowship, 1991 Russia Math Competition, 1st prize, 1980

Selected Grants

  • Space and Naval Warefare Systems Center: "System Identification Based Nonlinear Modeling of Analog Front-end Circuit Blocks"
  • NSF, "EFRI-COPN: Dynamics of Neural Networks on Planar Path-Clamp Array: Training, Identification and Control" Los Alamos National Security, L.L.C., "LANL/MIT Science Algorithms and Methods Institute (ISAMI)" 

Courses Taught

  • 6.241: Dynamical Systems
  • 6.245: Multivariable Control Design