Marija Ilic

Senior Research Scientist


  • Dipl. Ing. and MEE in Electrical Engineering (University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1974 and 1977)
  • M.Sc. (Washington University, St. Louis, MO 1978)
  • D.Sc. (Washington University, St. Louis, MO 1980)

Brief Biography

Marija Ilic is a Visiting Professor at the new MIT Institute for Data, Systems and Society.  Prof. Ilic is a Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, with a joint appointment in the Electrical and Computer Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy Departments. She is also the Honorary Chaired Professor for Control of Future Electricity Network Operations at Delft University of Technology in Delft, The Netherlands. She was an Assistant Professor at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, and tenured Associate Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She was then a Senior Research Scientist in Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, from 1987 to 2002. She has 30 years of experience in teaching and research in the area of electrical power system modeling and control. Her main interest is in the systems aspects of operations, planning, and economics of the electric power industry. She is Director of the Electric Energy Systems Group at Carnegie Mellon University whose main objective is mathematical modeling, analysis and decision making for the future energy systems. She is leading the quest for transforming today’s electric power grid into an enabler of efficient, reliable, secure and sustainable integration of many novel energy resources. She has co-authored several books in her field of interest. Prof. Ilic is an IEEE Fellow and Distinguished Lecturer.

Research Areas

Smart Grids as a means of implementing sustainable IT-enabled electricity services; Modeling and control of future electric energy systems (transforming hierarchical into open-access systems); Modeling and control of economic, policy and technical interactions in dynamic systems under uncertainties (applied to electricity markets); Critical infrastructures and their interdependencies (cyber-physical systems); Computer methods and algorithms for simulating large-scale dynamic systems; Electric power systems modeling; Design of monitoring, control and pricing algorithms for electric power systems; Normal and emergency control of electric power systems.

Selected Publications

(1) Ilic, Marija D., "Toward a Unified Modeling and Control for Sustainable and Resilient Electric Energy Systems," Foundations and Trends in Electric Energy Systems, Vol. 1, No. 1 (2016), pp. 1-141.

(2) M. Ilic, L. Xie, Q. Liu (eds.), Engineering IT-Enabled Sustainable Electricity Services, Power Electronics and Power Systems 30.  DOI 10.1109/JPROC.2007.894711. Springer Science+Business Media New York 2013 (Available from MIT Libraries)

(3) Ilic, Marija D., "From hierarchical to open access electric power systems," Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 95, No. 5, 2007, pp. 1060-1084.

(4) Ilic, Marija D., "Energy Cyber-Physical Systems,'' Chapter 2 in Cyber-Physical Systems, eds. Raj Rajkumar, Dionision de Niz, and Mark Klein, Addison-Wesley, 2017.  ISBN-13:978-0-321-9296-8.

(5) Ilic, Marija D, "2016 State of Reliability," talk presented at Panel I of the FERC Reliability Technical Conference, Washington, DC (submitted).

Books (selected):

  • Allen, E.H. and Ilic, M., Price-Based Commitment Decisions in the Electricity Market, Springer-Verlag London Series on Advances inIndustrial Control, November 1998.
  • Ilic, M.D. and J. Zaborszky, Dynamics and Control of Large Electric Power Systems, Wiley Interscience, May 2000 (900 pages).
  • Skantze, P. and Ilic, M., Valuation, Hedging and Speculation in Competitive Electricity Markets: A Fundamental Approach, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001.