Munther A. Dahleh

Director, IDSS

Professor, EECS

LIDS Faculty/PI

  • Texas A&M, BS, EE 1983
  • Rice University, PhD, EE, 1987

Brief Biography

Professor Dahleh joined LIDS as an assistant professor of EECS in 1987 and became a full professor in 1998. He spent the spring of 1993 as a visiting professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, California Institute of Technology and has held consulting positions with several companies in the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. Dahleh is interested in problems at the interface of robust control, filtering, information theory, and computation, which include control problems with communication constraints and distributed mobile agents with local decision capabilities. His interests include problems in network science, such as distributed computation over noisy networks and information propagation over complex social networks. He also studies model reduction problems for discrete-alphabet hidden Markov models and universal learning approaches for systems with both continuous and discrete alphabets. His research includes the interface between systems theory and neurobiology, and in particular, providing an anatomically consistent model of the motor control system.

Selected Publications


  • M.A. Dahleh and I. Diaz-Bobillo, Control of Uncertain Systems: A Linear Programming Approach, Prentice-Hall, 1995.
  • N. Elia and M. A. Dahleh, “Computational Methods for Controller Design,” Lecture Notes in Information Sciences Series, Springer Ver-Lag, 1998.

Journal Papers:

  • O. Ayaso, D. Shah, and M.A. Dahleh, “Information Theoretic Bounds for Distributed Computation,” submitted to IEEE Trans. on IT.
  • D.C. Tarraf, A. Megretski, and M.A. Dahleh, “A Framework for Robust Stability of Systems Over Finite Alphabets,” Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on automatic control 53(5), June 2008, pp. 1133-1146.
  • D. Acemoglu, M. Dahleh, I. Lobel, and A. Ozdaglar, “Bayesian Learning in Social Networks,” LIDS Working Paper #2780, 2008.
  • N.C. Martins, M.A. Dahleh, and J.C. Doyle, “Fundamental Limitations of Disturbance Attenuation in the Presence of Side Information,” Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on automatic control 52(1), Jan. 2007, pp. 56-66.
  • H.A. Waisanen, D. Shah, and M.A. Dahleh, “A Dynamic Pickup and Delivery Problem in Mobile Networks Under Information Constraints,” Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on automatic control, 53(6), July 2008, pp. 1419-1433.
  • F. Karameh, M.A. Dahleh, E. Brown, and S. Massaquoi, “Modeling the contribution of lamina 5 neuronal and network dynamics to low frequency EEG phenomena,” Biological Cybernetics, vol. 95, no. 4, Oct. 2006.