Yury Polyanskiy

Associate Professor

LIDS Faculty/PI

  • 2010 Princeton University, Ph.D.
  • 2005 MIPT, M. S. (honors), Dept. General and Applied Physics

Brief Biography

Yury Polyanskiy is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a member of LIDS at MIT. Prof. Polyanskiy received his M.S. degree in applied mathematics and physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, Russia in 2005 and Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Princeton University, Princeton, NJ in 2010. In 2000-2005 he lead the development of the embedded software in the Department of Oilfield Surface Equipment, Borets Company LLC (Moscow).

Prof. Polyanskiy won the 2016 Jerome Saltzer Teaching Award (MIT), 2013 NSF CAREER award and 2011 IEEE Information Theory Society Paper Award.

Research Areas

  • Information theory
  • Coding theory
  • Combinatorics
  • High-dimensional probability
  • Fault- and defect-tolerant systems.

Selected Publications

Courses Taught

6.02, 6.436, 6.441, 6.450, 6.UAR