April 11, 2017

Botterud, Ozdaglar receive 2017 Siebel Energy Institute research grant

Principal Research Scientist Audun Botterud is the lead researcher on the project "Improved Analytics for Urban Energy Distribution Grids with Smart Buildings," which received a 2017 Siebel Energy Institute research grant. Asu Ozdaglar, a professor in LIDS and the Joseph F. and Nancy P.

April 10, 2017

Artificial data reduces privacy concerns and helps with big data analysis

Much has been said about how big data will help solve many of the world's thorniest problems, including pandemics, 

April 6, 2017

Work by LIDS alum Tauhid Zaman fights online extremists with machine learning

The MIT Sloan School Newsroom covered work by LIDS alum Tauhid Zaman, the KDD Career Development Professor in Communications and Technology at MIT Sloan.

March 26, 2017

LIDS alum Ilan Lobel named 2017 Best 40 Under 40 Professor by Poets & Quants

LIDS and Operations Research Center (ORC) alum Ilan Lobel, Associate Professor of Information, Operations and Management Sciences at New York University's Stern School of Business, was named one of 20

March 24, 2017

“Virtual batteries” could lead to cheaper, cleaner power

In the power grid, supply and demand need to match exactly. If consumers demand more power than producers can supply, or if producers provide more power than consumers need, the result can be rolling blackouts.