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Graphic with 2 different images of a dog

July 16, 2024

How to assess a general-purpose AI model’s reliability before it’s deployed

A new technique enables users to compare several large models and choose the one that works best for their task.

black and white portrait of a female student

July 12, 2024

Machine learning and the microscope

PhD student Xinyi Zhang is developing computational tools for analyzing cells in the age of multimodal data.  

July 11, 2024

When to trust an AI model

More accurate uncertainty estimates could help users decide about how and when to use machine-learning models in the real world.  

Xrays of body parts

June 28, 2024

Study reveals why AI models that analyze medical images can be biased

These models, which can predict a patient’s race, gender, and age, seem to use those traits as shortcuts when making medical diagnoses.  

June 13, 2024

LIDS researchers win best paper award at ACM FAcct 

Paper draws attention to structural concerns in the debate about equal opportunity and algorithmic fairness

photo of man

May 31, 2024

Gabriele Farina receives 2023 SIGecom Doctoral Dissertation Award

The award is given annually for an outstanding dissertation in the field of economics and computation